Winter Garden Tips

Winter is in many cases a quiet session in the garden. However, it is only a very short while, and summer will beckon throwing everybody into a frenzy nurturing young gardens.

Everything will spring back to life after months of the very cold session. Preparing the garden early enough will help to make your spring less troublesome. Here are some useful tips that every gardener should use just before springs.

Order late spring and summer flowering seeds and bulbs right away

Winter is the ideal time to order bulbs and seeds for plants that flower later in summer. They include Ranunculus, Gladiolus, and Lilies that can be planted early to blossom in summer.

Besides, you will have enough time to read through guides on preparing bulbs, planting, and caring them to get the best results.

Sow the seeds that take longer to germinate

If you plan to grow plants from seeds with longer dormancy period, you need to sow them early enough. Good examples include seeds of plants such as Aubergines, Peppers, Antirrhinums, and Geraniums. You need to follow the guidelines for breaking dormancy because there are some that require heating while others need soaking in water for weeks.

Set up a compost section

If you have not put up a compost section in your garden, make sure to do it just before springs. You can prepare the composting area from pieces of wood of buy a ready-made one from the nearest dealer.

A compost area will give you the right area to put all the waste from the garden and supply you with rich compost to condition the soil. Do not forget to turn the compost severally with a fork if you want great compost for the garden.

Clean the home greenhouse

On springs, the greenhouse will be home to numerous trays and pots full of seedlings and cuttings of plants and flowers you want to establish. Carefully sweep plant debris lying on the greenhouse floor, clean the benches, and disinfect every corner to clear pests and insects that survived winter by hiding in crevices and corners.

Make sure to open the greenhouse a couple of days or weeks until it dries completely because establishing any plant.

Hunt and clear garden pests

Hibernating pests are good in burrowing under the ground to escape the chilling winter. Follow the crowns of perennial plants from the previous season, and you will find all sorts of pests from aphids to slugs.

Others pests that you are likely to get in the field include the dangerous white vine weevil larvae. If you get them, make sure to use the right parasitic pesticide.

Install water butts immediately

While many people water the garden using piped water, it is slightly alkaline and, therefore, unsuitable for some plants. For example, Camellias, Blueberries, and Rhododendrons will thrive better if they are watered using natural water that neutral to slightly acidic.

Remember to position the butts well so that they can collect as much water as possible and allow it to flow under gravity for easier watering.

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